Claudia Schiffer's Red Shoes

Jeremy Reed

Sex, jazz, glam icons, green crochet bikinis, Gossard wonderbras, white nights and blueblack seas - the usual colourful, sensual Jeremy Reed imagery in this brand new collection. Jeremy Reed's many poetry books include Saints and Psychotics (1979), By the Fisheries (1984), Nero (1985), Selected Poems (1987), Dicing for Pearls (1990), Nineties (1990) and Kicks (1995). Reed's books on poets include studies of Rimbaud (Delirium: An Interpretation of Rimbaud), Rilke, Hopkins, Madness: The Price of Poetry and Angels, Divas and Blacklisted Heroes (1999). Reed has translated Novalis's Hymns of the Night and Montale. His novels include The Lipstick Boys (1984), Blue Rock (1987), Isidore (about Lautreamont), When the Whip Comes Down (on the Marquis de Sade), and Chasing Black Rainbows (1994, a fictionalized account of Antonin Artaud). His biographies include Lou Reed, Brian Jones: The Last Decadent (1999), Scott Walker: Another Tear Falls (2001) and Marc Almond (1999). Other books include: St. Billie (2001), Sister Midnight (1997), Heartbreak Hotel (2002), The Purple Room (2000), Dorian (1997), Inhabiting Shadows (1990), Diamond Nebula (1994), Black Sugar (1992), Escaped Image (1988) and Red Hot Lipstick (1996), The Pleasure Chateau Omnibus (2000), Pop Stars (1994), Trucks in Camera: Bedford (1996). Reed has won an Eric Gregory Award, the Somerset Maugham Award, and the National Poetry Competition."

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