Drafting Employment Contracts

Gillian S. Howard

How do practitioners draft a contract of employment that is both comprehensive and comprehensible? One that covers necessary complexities but is clear? Save time and money by following the tried and tested guidance and clauses in Drafting Employment Contracts.This invaluable book offers practical and thorough coverage both as a tool to draft employment contracts and also as a guide for creating policy and executing it.Fully updated, this new third edition includes new precedents on checks on job applicants, a new policy on whistle blowing and also covers:* major changes on sickness and absence * changes to the law and case law on maternity, paternity and shared maternity leave * new flexible working rights * changes to drafting of email internet abuse and social networking policies* new case law includes: status of worker; whether refusing time off to attend religious festivals constitutes indirect religious discrimination; travel abroad and employer's duty of care and guidance.

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