The Efflorescent Tarot Coloring Book

Peony Coin Archer

The Efflorescent Tarot Coloring Book is a 78-illustration coloring book for adults. Originally drawn over a period of 2 years, between 2009 and 2011, The Efflorescent (adj; bursting into flower) Tarot is illustrated in the Rider-Waite tradition.There are many benefits to the kind of slow study that coloring can provide; perhaps it is a chance to learn the stories of each card, or perhaps it can serve as a meditation. Or maybe it is simply a chance to relax into another story, or to have fun. Whatever your intentions are with this coloring book, I hope it serves them well!Please note; although nothing in this book is lewd, there are a few cards that depict partial nudity. May not be appropriate for young children.

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