The Equal Rights Handbook

Riane Tennenhaus Eisler

Born in Vienna, Riane Tennenhaus Eisler became a refugee from the Nazis at the age of seven. She and her family escaped to Cuba, where she spent her childhood. At the age of 14, Eisler and her parents emigrated to the United States, where she obtained degrees in sociology, anthropology, and law at UCLA. She taught at UCLA and was at the forefront of the Women's Movement in the Seventies. Her first book, "Dissolution: No-Fault Divorce, Marriage, and the Future of Women" predicted the feminization of poverty, and her second, "The ERA Handbook: What ERA Means to Your Life, Your Rights, and the Future," blueprinted one of the most important social movements of our time. "The Equal Rights Handbook" presents the case for the ERA as a matter of simple justice.

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