My Reflections on Ho'oponopono

Mabel Katz

This book has been created from a selection of many articles Mabel Katz has written over the years, which have been given discursive coherence.They are based on her practicing and teaching of Ho?oponopono, and experiences accumulated during almost twelve years spent with her mentor, Dr. Ihaleakalá Hew Len and her own life experiences: first as a mother, accountant, business consultant and tax specialist in the United States, and then as an author, lecturer, peace ambassador, and seminar leader throughout the world In this book, Mabel shares her experiences through practical stories and topics that concern and affect us all. She also illustrates the incredible way Ho?oponopono has definitely turned out to be the easiest and most efficient path for her.In addition to the variety of topics, such as relationships, money, death, diet, depression, peace and children, the book offers an explanation of the core concepts of Ho?oponopono.The concepts and messages within are simple reminders that only we can change our lives, no one outside of ourselves can do anything, and each of us is responsible ? not to blame ? for the people and situations that we attract into our lives. This book searches to remember that light and love yearn to be behind every challenge of our lives and, when those challenges we face are the biggest, even greater are the blessings we receive.This book will change the perspective, about how everybody deals with the challenges and threats of life. People will learn to react less, become more aware and alert; therefore, will be happier and more at peace.

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