The Great Savannah Auto Races

Tanya A. Bailey

This book provides an in-depth look at the First American Grand Prix (known as the "Grand Prize of the Automobile Club of America"), the Vanderbilt Cup Race and the golden era of early road racing. It explores the feud over international racing sanctioning rights between the two major car clubs of the period, the AAA and ACA. The feud led to Savannah's selection as the home of the American Grand Prix Races from 1908 to 1911 and the 1911 Vanderbilt Cup Race. By examining Savannah's earlier fame in national bicycle racing competitions and its ties to the powerful dynasties who controlled the racing world, the book explains how and why Savannah was chosen. It reveals why the races and course were considered "America's Greatest" by international racing experts of the period and includes many biographies of the drivers who came to Savannah and the colourful stories of other significant people in the industry. The book closes with the coming of motorcycle racing to Savannah, after the major auto races ended. Finally, the book explores the theories and complexities of why Savannah's races and road racing in general came to an end.

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