Linden New Jersey

Lauren Pancurak Yeats

This volume of Linden New Jersey contains aninteresting array of images from the past 140 years,including pictures of some of the first settlers of the township to images of the parades that capture the changing facades of the downtown areas of the borough and city. Featured are some of the early industries that made Linden their home, a representation of some houses of worship, and the Linden schools through the years. In 1861, Linden Township was formed. It was composed mainly of Rahway, but included part of Elizabeth and a small piece of Union Township. In addition to present-dayLinden, the city included what is now Roselle, Winfield Park, and a portion of Cranford.The borough of Linden emerged from the center of the township as an island municipality in 1882. The two communities consolidated on April 3, 1924, and officially became a city on January 1, 1925. As the twenty-first century approaches, so does the 75th anniversary of the city of Linden.

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