An Abridged Koran


Now you can read and understand the Koran. A powerful method of ordering, sorting and categorizing the Koran makes it easy to read. When Mohammed's life is woven back into the Koran, meaning is restored. The Abridged Koran is a powerful epic story. The Koran is very repetitive, for instance, the story of Moses and Pharaoh is told more than thirty times. An Abridged Koran is abridged by removing the repetition. You learn the full meaning since only repeated material is removed. Islam is a political system, a culture and a religion based upon the Koran, Sira (life of Mohammed) and Hadith (the Traditions). The Islamic Trilogy series integrates the three primary sources to give the entire Islamic political doctrine-the treatment of non-Muslims. The Trilogy is authoritative and fact-based. All statements can be confirmed by the use of reference numbers. The knowledge is integrated-all of the primary sources are used to give the complete picture of Islam's political doctrine.

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