Army Techniques Publication Atp 4-93 Sustainment Brigade April 2016

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Army Techniques Publication ATP 4-93 Sustainment Brigade APRIL 2016 ATP 4-93 describes the Army sustainment brigade characteristics, capabilities, organizations and operational processes. ATP 4-93 is a revision of ATP 4-93, Sustainment Brigade, last published in 2013. It is written for commanders, staffs and Soldiers at all levels, leaders and instructors at military institutions, student and doctrine and training developers. It provides relevant information for an Army sustainment brigade in support of decisive action tasks. This publication refines the description of the sustainment brigade headquarters, combat sustainment support battalion and the special troops battalion. New topics include: command and support relationships, mission command, command post activities, and sustainment brigade notional task organizations. It reflects the experiences and knowledge gained from current operations. This ATP also captures organization changes that impact the capability of the unit to accomplish its mission. Newly created and updated graphics reflect sustainment brigade current staff organizations and command post cells. The ATP explains how a sustainment brigade operates to sustain Army forces as part of Army unified land operations. Unified land operations describe how the Army operates through simultaneous offensive, defensive, and stability or defense support of civil authorities' tasks. The sustainment brigade's garrison command relationships and activities performed in support of home station are intended to maximize mission command effectiveness. The attachment of sustainment brigades to a division at home station does not change their doctrinal mission or war time requirements. Sustainment brigade headquarters, combat sustainment support battalion headquarters and their garrison subordinate units remain available for global deployment requirements. Deployed sustainment brigades are task organized to support Army forces in support of decisive action tasks. The sustainment brigade provides support and services to enable operational reach, ensure freedom of action, and prolonged endurance, to Army forces conducting decisive action tasks. The content of ATP 4-93 is consistent with Army doctrine and nested with joint logistics.

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