Looking Forward to Monday Morning

Diane Hodges

` Diane Hodges' work is for those amongst us who need to show appreciation but need a helping hand with the practicalities.It has dozens of ideas for activities and rewards and covers a range of settings from formal and informal to days out and celebrations. There is something for everyone from teachers and bosses to friends and lovers - although you will have to use your imagination to make it applicable to your own circumstances. Just don't get carried away and remember that rewards must be of value to the recipient - not what you think the recipient wants! And above all, theymust be sincere - nothing devalues any reward system faster than cynicism.And the easiest tip from the book is to remember that one of the most powerful ways of showing appreciation is promptly and sincerely saying so! And by being specific about what it is that you like so much' - Nurturing PotentialEmpower your staff members with a fresh appreciation for their work by nurturing their growth and success! Has Monday morning become a less-than-exciting event for your staff members? Do you wish that you could help them look forward to the new week; that you could provide them with a more tangible appreciation for their efforts? In Looking Forward to Monday Morning, Diane Hodges, a former human resources director and school administrator, shares numerous staff appreciation and recognition activities that can be implemented to promote a positive environment and inspire staff members to look forward to the beginning of each new week. In this insightful text, you will find low-cost, fun ideas that will help staff members: - Experience concrete recognition for hard work and accomplishments- Increase productivity and job longevity- Exercise creativity during meetings, holidays, and lunchtime- Participate in their own success while encouraging the growth and success of othersEmpower your staff members with a fresh appreciation for their work and transform each day of the week into an opportunity for creativity and fun.

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