White Fang

Jack London

Another outstanding title in the acclaimed series described as "a CD-ROM between covers." White Fang was written as the companion book to Jack London's classic 1903 runaway bestseller "The Call of the Wild." Seen through the eyes of White Fang—who is half dog, half wolf—the story follows the creature as he is forced to endure a series of harsh environments that turn him from his youthful innocence to mad-dog cruelty. That is, until a young man comes along and offers kindness and friendship. But friendship is something that White Fang doesn't understand...yet. "White Fang" is more than great storytelling. It is a careful study of the effects of our environments in forming who we are. With fascinating details of the Klondike gold rush and North American Indian life, it is also a remarkable snapshot of its time. With striking illustrations and extended captions unique to the "Whole Story" series, this striking edition provides background information modern readers could otherwise access only through a broad range of supplemental research. This distinctive approach places White Fang—first published in 1906—within the context of its era, bringing it vividly to life.

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