Fresh books


  • Wahida Clark
  • 08.09.2018

Romance and Thug Lovin' is at its pinnacle in part 7 of the Thug Series....


  • Angie Swanson
  • 08.09.2018

Take a trip through the Pelican State! Learn about Louisiana's history,...

Tenjo Tenge, Vol. 11

  • Oh!great
  • 08.09.2018

FINAL VOLUME! Knuckle-busting brawls, badass babes, and the toughest student...

Myths of Immortality

  • Raye Wagner
  • 08.09.2018

In the realm of the dead, there are no lies. Hope Nicholas is desperate to...


  • Alan Glynn
  • 08.09.2018


Treating Addictions

  • An-Pyng Sun
  • 08.09.2018

Treating Addictions: The Four Components offers a unique and coherent...


  • Judith Herrin
  • 08.09.2018

Byzantium. The name evokes grandeur and exoticism--gold, cunning, and...

The Elfstones of Shannara

  • Terry Brooks
  • 07.09.2018

Ancient Evil threatens the Elves: The ancient tree created by long-lost Elven...

Drug Delivery

  • Anya M. Hillery
  • 07.09.2018

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to advanced drug delivery and...

Africa in Chaos

  • George B. N. Ayittey
  • 07.09.2018

In a follow-up to his ground-breaking Africa Betrayed , George Ayittey takes...

Shakespeare'S Gardens

  • Jackie Bennett
  • 07.09.2018

Shakespeare's Gardens is a highly illustrated, informative book about the...

Hands-on Chaos Magic

  • Andrieh Vitimus
  • 07.09.2018

Who said magical training had to be so dry and complicated? In this...

Race to the Pole

  • Mike Gould
  • 07.09.2018

In 1911 British explorer Robert Falcon Scott hoped to be the first person to...

After Lewis and Clark

  • Robert M. Utley
  • 07.09.2018

In 1807, a year after Lewis and Clark returned from the shores of the Pacific,...

El Hundimiento del Titanic

  • Matt Doeden
  • 07.09.2018

Tells the story of the 1912 sinking of the Titanic. Written in graphic-novel...

The Money We'll Save

  • Brock Cole
  • 07.09.2018

One of Horn Book's Best Picture Books of 2011When Pa brings a turkey...


  • Alexander Lowen
  • 07.09.2018

Are you a narcissist? Do you know someone who is? Contrary to popular belief,...

Mao's Last Dancer

  • Li Cunxin
  • 07.09.2018

Raised in a desperately poor village during the height of China's...

Daughter of Siena

  • Marina Fiorato
  • 07.09.2018

The fourth unforgettable historical love story set in Italy from Marina...


  • Susannah Sandlin
  • 07.09.2018

RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice NomineeFrom award-winning author...

Wisdom Ways

  • Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza
  • 07.09.2018

This leading feminist theologian offers an exciting introduction to a most...

Before the Wind

  • Jim Lynch
  • 07.09.2018

The Johannssens are a sailing family: adventurous, fanatical, and, for now, a...

Buck Ewing

  • Roy Kerr
  • 07.09.2018

Buck Ewing (1859-1906) was regarded by contemporaries as the greatest catcher...

Slightly Wicked

  • Mary Balogh
  • 07.09.2018

Meet the Bedwyns...six brothers and sisters--men and women of passion and...

The Raven's Gift

  • Jon Turk
  • 06.09.2018

Jon Turk has kayaked around Cape Horn and paddled across the Pacific Ocean to...


  • Zheng Jiewen
  • 06.09.2018

Throughout history, the thinking of Western Europe and America has often...

Bigfoot is Missing!

  • Kenn Nesbitt
  • 06.09.2018

Children's Poets Laureate J. Patrick Lewis and Kenn Nesbitt team up to...

The Future of NATO

  • Charles-Philippe David
  • 06.09.2018

The Future of NATO looks at the conceptual and theoretical approaches that...

Stan Lee

  • Martin Gitlin
  • 06.09.2018

Examines the life and career of the creator of such famous comic-book...

Dire Desires

  • Stephanie Tyler
  • 06.09.2018

Feared by humans, envied by werewolves, the Dire wolves are immortal shifters,...