Fresh books

Indoor Green

  • Bree Claffey
  • 20.08.2018

For centuries, plants have transformed interiors. Today house plants are once...

The Sniffles for Bear

  • Bonny Becker
  • 20.08.2018

The relentlessly cheery Mouse pushes a cold-suffering Bear to new heights of...

A Royal Affair

  • John Wiltshire
  • 20.08.2018

Doctor Nikolai Hartmann represents himself as a learned man of science who...

Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 14

  • Yoshihiro Togashi
  • 20.08.2018

The multi-trillionaire Battera hires Gon and Killua to play the Greed Island...

The U.S. Economy

  • Debra A Miller
  • 20.08.2018

Explores the issues confronting the U.S economy, including crises in the...

Bring Out the Banners

  • Geoffrey Trease
  • 20.08.2018

An office worker and an aristocratic young lady become unlikely friends as...

Beneath the Dark Ice

  • Greig Beck
  • 20.08.2018

When a plane crashes into the Antarctic ice, exposing a massive cave beneath,...

A Stroke of Faith

  • Mark Moore
  • 20.08.2018

Mark Moore always believed he was in charge of his life. All that changed on a...

A Series Of Murders

  • Simon Brett
  • 20.08.2018

Charles Paris is in clover. He has been contracted for three whole months to...

Cool Coding

  • Rob Hansen
  • 20.08.2018

A fun, accessible guide to computers and coding for older children and curious...

From Kant to Weber

  • Thomas M. Powers
  • 20.08.2018

The chief goal of this volume is to provide students and scholars with a...

A Christmas Memory

  • Truman Capote
  • 20.08.2018

First published in 1956, this much sought-after autobiographical recollection...

What is Art?

  • Leo Tolstoy
  • 19.08.2018

What is Art? What is value? What is good taste? What makes a cultured class?...


  • Joachim Petterson
  • 19.08.2018

This multifaceted book offers insight into everything bee-related:...

Dawn for a Distant Earth

  • L. E. Modesitt
  • 19.08.2018

Thousands of years in the future, Earth is a desolate ruin. The first human...

The Immune System

  • Nathan Larson
  • 19.08.2018

"This final installment of the Dewey Decimal trilogy capably stands alone...

The Pelican Brief

  • John Grisham
  • 19.08.2018

In suburban Georgetown a killer's Reeboks whisper  on the front floor of...

Biosecurity Dilemmas

  • Christian Enemark
  • 19.08.2018

Biosecurity Dilemmas examines conflicting values and interests in the practice...

Autism Answer Book

  • William Stillman
  • 19.08.2018

Parents can be overwhelmed with confusing, and often coflicting information....

The Sentinel

  • Arthur C. Clarke
  • 19.08.2018

'Clarke is one of the greatest imaginative writers of hard science...

What Are You Hungry For?

  • Deepak Chopra
  • 19.08.2018

The basis for the PBS Special, What Are You Hungry For? is the breakthrough...

Juror #3

  • James Patterson
  • 19.08.2018

Juror #3 has a shocking secret.Young attorney Ruby Bozarth is fresh out of...

Household Hacks 101

  • Melinda Rolf
  • 19.08.2018

Household Hacks 101. Taking care of your home is an important part of home...

The Bones of Odin

  • David Leadbeater
  • 19.08.2018

A UK #1 BestSeller in Thriller and Action/Adventure. Recommended for those who...

End of Watch

  • Stephen King
  • 19.08.2018

Now in Encore! The fabulously suspenseful and "smashing" (The New...

Living Crazy Love

  • Francis Chan
  • 19.08.2018

From "New York Times "Best-Selling author Francis Chan comes...

Cesarean Section

  • Michele C. Moore
  • 19.08.2018

One in four babies born in the United States and Europe comes into the world...

Gente Decente

  • Leticia M. Garza-Falcon
  • 19.08.2018

In his books The Great Plains, The Great Frontier, and The Texas Rangers,...


  • Lamar Giles
  • 19.08.2018

Edgar Award nominee for Best Young Adult MysteryEndangered is a thrilling...

DK First Dictionary

  • Anne Millard
  • 19.08.2018

Bringing the amazing world of words to children ages five and older. With over...